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Why So Serious Pop Culture and Movie Review Podcast

We are a weekly Movie Review and Pop Culture podcast that discusses the current events in Entertainment, Movies, TV Shows and Pop Culture in general. We review TV Shows like Agents of Shield, The Flash, Westworld and more and we also review movies.

Jan 22, 2019

Brandon, Rashanii and Devin are back to review Aquaman starring Jason Mamoa and Directed by James Wan. This film is DC's most successful film yet however it still falls short as a film.

We talk about the horrible score, Aquaman just being Jason Mamoa under water, the wasting of a really good cast, the overbooked plot, the color template, and how DC moves forward. 

This is a film that a lot of people will enjoy, but presents a lot of issues that is indicative of a larger issue with DC and WB. We are happy this film made money but afraid DC is going to learn all the wrong lessons. 

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